1.00 BODY

1.01 The correct* original appearance must be retained.

1.02 No custom or fiberglass replacement panels are allowed.

Car frame and body, including bumpers, must be made from correct* original material.

Repro parts are OK if made from correct* original material
1.03 No "custom" paint colors, designs, or lettering is allowed.

Paint color must appear stock. Graphics (for advertising or creative purposes) will not be allowed anywhere on the vehicles. Only correct* graphics will be allowed. Example: Dodge Scat Pack bumble bees ,Hurst Olds, Yenko graphics, etc. Exception: F.A.S.T. sticker/ Modern Muscle as provided by and placed as directed by F.A.S.T. Directors.

1.04 Front and rear car height must appear correct.

1.05 Factory hood scoops, ram air, fresh air induction must appear correct.

1.06 Interior seating, trim, and materials must appear correct.

1.07 Aftermarket tachs and gauges are allowed if mounted on the steering column or under the dash.

1.08 Correct* glass only. All windows must be functional and closed during all runs.

1.09 Hood must be fully closed during all runs.

1.10 Wheel base must be correct*, within +/- 1" of original factory spec.

1.11 The outside car body must maintain correct* original dimensions.


2.01 Engine block must appear to be a correct* original block and must be of the same engine family and exterior size. The block must be made from the same material as the correct* original block. Approved aftermarket replacement blocks are allowed (see list below). If you want to use an aftermarket block that is not already preapproved it is up to the individual to submit all the necessary information to the FASTRACES LLC so the block in question can be properly investigated. (part numbers, casting numbers, web site links, company names, phone numbers, etc)

 2.01a -Approved Aftermarket Replacement Block List:

 End Of Approved List.

2.02 Dealer installed engines and dealer performed modifications are not allowed.

2.03 Cylinder Heads and Intake Manifold MUST be correct* OEM casting, have correct* original casting numbers and be of correct* original material.

This may very well be the most important and teched F.A.S.T. rule.

Note: Any cylinder head or intake manifold that is not the correct* casting number, must be approved and published on the F.A.S.T./ Modern Muscle website. Casting date codes are not looked at and are not part of the tech process.

2.04 The entire engine compartment and engine assembly, including accessories, must appear correct, except for items specifically defined otherwise in these rules.

2.05 No Nitrous Oxide allowed.

3.00 FUEL SYSTEM/ Forced induction

3.01 All fuel lines must be stock diameter

3.02 Adjustable fuel pressure regulators are ok if they appear somewhat stock

3.03 Throttle body must appear factory correct

3.04 Blower pulley must be stock size

3.05 Turbo must appear to be correct size.


4.01 Factory OEM exhaust manifolds only. Whether they are cast iron or tubluar

4.02 Mufflers must be stock looking in design.

4.03 Exhaust pipes must exit in the correct* original location, upgrade to 2.5 inch is allowed. If the factory pipe is a larger diameter than 2.5 inch your allowed to run that.

4.04 Excessive exhaust leaks are not allowed.

4.05 "X" and "H" pipes are allowed. The “X” pipe assembly can not exceed 24” in length.

4.06 Maximum of 2 OEM type exhaust manifold gaskets allowed between manifold and cylinder head.


5.01 Valve covers must appear correct.

5.02 Valve cover spacers are not allowed.

5.03 Maximum of 2 OEM type gaskets under each valve cover allowed.


6.01 Camshaft must produce a correct* stock sound at idle. We all know what a STOCK cam sounds like! Factory cam specs will be taken into consideration when determining the correct* idle sound.


7.01 All pulleys must appear correct*.

7.02 Belts running the water pump and alternator must be retained at all times.


8.01 Must be the same diameter is the factory wire and the same color


9.01 The radiator, fan and radiator shroud must appear correct.

9.02 Overflow cans of at least 20 oz. are required.

Aftermarket overflow cans OK, if car originally did not have one. If an aftermarket overflow can is used, racers are encouraged to hide the overflow can as best they can with paint and placement.


10.01 The battery must be retained in the correct* location, be functional and securely fastened down with original style hold down.

Original looking batteries are encouraged but not required, Replacement batteries are OK.

10.02 The charging system must be fully operational at all times.

10.03 Under hood wiring should appear correct.


11.10 Automatic Transmission:

11.11 Any torque converter is OK.

11.12 Aftermarket shifters are not allowed.

11.20 Manual Transmission:

11.21 Any clutch/pressure plate assembly is OK. Scatter shields are OK.

11.23 Shifter must be stock appearing.

11.25 Drive Shaft: Aftermarket drive shaft is OK.

Aftermarket drive shafts should be painted, to appear as stock as possible.


12.01 The rear axle housing must be of the same manufacturer as the car. OEM appearing aftermarket housings are OK.

Internal modifications are OK. Any gear ratio allowed. Aftermarket axles are OK.

Upgrade to posi-unit or spool is OK.


13.10 Rear Suspension:

13.11 Traction devices not allowed

13.12 Upper and lower control arms on coil spring cars must be correct*.

13.13 No slapper bars or ladder bars of any kind are allowed, unless originally equipped from the factory. Factory documentation will be required to prove authenticity for any cars with bolt on traction devices.

13.14 Aftermarket bushings OK.

Must be the correct* original color.

13.15 Shocks and springs must appear correct.

Aftermarket adjustable shocks are OK if painted to appear correct.

13.20 Front Suspension:

13.21 The front sway bar is optional.

13.22 Aftermarket shocks, bushings and springs are OK, but must be painted to appear correct. No other aftermarket front suspension parts are allowed.


14.01 Wheels must have 4. 

14.03 Drag Radials allowed

14.04 Aftermarket or OEM brake upgrades are allowed for safety concerns. Every effort should be made to achieve a stock appearance.

14.05 Line locks are allowed if hidden.


15.01 All track safety rules apply and you must pass track tech.

When required by track safety rules, roll bars and aftermarket seat belts will not be cause for disqualification under the 'stock appearing' requirement in the F.A.S.T. rules. We require that everyone racing in the F.A.S.T. class maintain a stock image and appearance as best they can. Every effort should be made to integrate required safety equipment with a correct appearance. Careful shaping and placement of the roll bar tubes to hide them as best as possible and painting of the roll bar is one way to try and blend in the roll bar with the interior.


16.01 Underside of vehicle needs to appear correct when viewed from ground level, 3 feet outside perimeter of the car.

Exceptions to this are any components specifically identified and mentioned in the rules.