What is Factory Stock ?

Factory Stock is a division of F.A.S.T. racing that brings unmodified Muscle Cars out of the shows and onto the drag strip. You will find many Pure Stock Drag Race© veterans coming out to run along side the F.A.S.T.

Tires smoking and rubber squealing, gears banging, lots of side by side, heads-up Drag Racing action! Heads up?

Of course!

There are no handicaps, indexes, breakout rules or classes in F.A.S.T. racing. et every Muscle Car, regardless of performance, or whether the driver is a green newbie or a seasoned veteran, finds a fun and competitive race venue in F.A.S.T.!

This is accomplished through our unique race format. The quickest 8 qualifiers go into a heads up, pro-style ladder to determine the top eliminator.

 All racers who qualify #9 and down go into a best of 3 shoot-out against their closest qualifying competitor.

It makes for really tight race action! F.A.S.T. Nationals are fun events! It's like a car show on the race track. Racers and spectators mingle through the pits, telling stories, sharing info, and enjoying the classic American Muscle Cars the way they were built to be enjoyed.

When you attend a F.A.S.T race, you feel as though you are alive during the hey-day of the Muscle Car era.

Enjoy our web site, and make it on down to a F.A.S.T. Race. You'll be glad you did!